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Three cycles of grantmaking occur annually with the following three deadlines for organizations applying for grant funding:

  1.  February 28, 2019

  2.  May 31, 2019

  3.  September 30, 2019  

PLEASE NOTE: We concluded that it would be unnecessarily cumbersome for you at this juncture to conduct your reporting on 2018 grants through the portal. The online application form remains new to many. Please continue to send reporting via the U.S. mail using our P.O. Box. The Common Report Form developed by the CT Council for Philanthropy may be used for this purpose. You may alternatively use the formats you have chosen in the past.

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Mr. J. Walton Bissell, ca. 1955
State St. east of Main St., PG 430, Thompson Photographs of Hartford, ca, 1903-1906, State Archives, Connecticut State Library. Published with permission.
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