J. Walton Bissell Foundation seeks:          GRANTS COORDINATOR

Here is the link to see and consider our job opening!

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The finest resource to answer any of your questions is offered on page 2 of the announcement with the times to reach her by phone or email.  For ease, her name is Eva Yopes McMullen and her email is this.  Should your own email not be equipped to send from that link, simply return here for all her details. 

We invite and ask you to circulate this.  Our methods were chosen in support of our accountability as we conduct an equittable, inclusive, and rigorous search.  The announcement can be found posted locally and on national search engines.  Should you spot a place we have missed, please alert Eva Yopes McMullen so we might remedy this.

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Mr. J. Walton Bissell, ca. 1955
State St. east of Main St., PG 430, Thompson Photographs of Hartford, ca, 1903-1906, State Archives, Connecticut State Library. Published with permission.
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