The J. Walton Bissell Foundation is a private foundation providing funding to non-profit organizations that advance change and deliver direct services to individuals and families primarily in the Hartford area.


Organizations that are 501(c)(3) entities and leaders of fiscally-sponsored New Initiatives may apply via our simple online form. 


We who are privileged to be servants of J. Walton Bissell’s mission are led by the humility which he exemplified, and the dedication to inclusion, to which he was committed.


We are determined to use the resources Mr. Bissell gave in ways that match his stand.


We are focused on the aspirations of others who have gone unseen and excluded.


We are at others’ disposal.


We concern ourselves not with what is easy but with what is possible.

(Bethany Meilani Hamilton)


We are seriously examining what our partners have taught us: meaningful lessons and principles are incorporated into new 2023 designs and goals.

Timing for your applications:

Deadlines for upcoming cycles are as follows:


  • Tuesday, February 28, 2023 (at 11:59 pm)
  • Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (at 11:59 pm)
  • Monday, October 2, 2023 (at 11:59 pm)

Important Links for your Grant Applications:

Click here to begin a grant application for funding to the J. Walton Bissell Foundation  


Click here to access your portal so that you can return to finish an already started application or to see a submitted application. It is the same portal by which you access requirements.  

Useful beginning places:


The new application forms are shorter. The online portal has not changed so your emails and passwords remain the same.


Rely on the links above. After completing the initial eligibility questions, at the bottom of the same page, you will be directed to choose either the:


  • Wellbeing General Operating Support application form -or-
  • Seed Investment application form if yours is a new organization.


When an organization has a pre-existing relationship with the J. Walton Bissell Foundation and is launching a new initiative and seeking start-up investments to get your innovation off the ground, you will need to choose the General Operating Support application form. There you get to isolate the new initiative for which the funding is sought. The Seed Investment application form has distinct questions designed for recently-created organizations.


All organizations are equally eligible to apply should they have a fiscal sponsor or should they have independent non-profit status.


We remain committed to making General Operating Support grants our priority in 2023 for new and existing leadership.


We’ve refined requirements with the intention of broadening your access to us.


(Lastly, if project support is what you seek, you have the opportunity to tell us so in dedicated spaces on each application form.)




We’re continuing to refine how we hear your story. 


No separate reports are due.






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