Asked recently about the origin of our logo, we realized we had failed to say. The logo is an exact replica of the way our founder, Mr. Bissell, wrote his name. His mix of lowercase and capital letters is all at once imperfect and perfect. The logo speaks to us about our shared humanity and the daring in "not knowing how" while dedicating ourselves to playing our small parts. Mr. Bissell's gap in education, may have fueled his compassion and interest in enterprises "which had been given up for lost."  You can read more detail about his story and ways in which he was seen here.  

Please be certain to visit our HOME page with core Information. Find Our Beliefs page for its vow. [Some have asked that our 2022 statement be accessible: it is Contained in the site background.]

Grantmaking Guidelines

  1. The Foundation makes grants only to organizations created under the laws of the United States that are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from Federal income tax pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and as not being private foundations.


  1. The Foundation’s priority is direct service delivery to persons in the city of Hartford by Connecticut organizations.


  1. Special consideration is given by the Foundation to programming relating to the abuse of children and others, the nurture of children and families, the aid of those with visual or other physical or mental disability, and the encouragement of the arts.


  1. The Foundation supports annual operations or specific programs rather than capital projects.


  1. The Foundation’s policy is not to make grants to an organization in more than three consecutive calendar years and not to make or consider more than one grant to an organization in any calendar year.  Should exigent circumstances arise which warrant an exception to this policy, an appeal is required identifying the circumstances.  If an exception is made, in no instance will a grant be made in more than four consecutive years.


Revised  6/6/23

Grantmaking Values

  1. We hold the leaders of the organizations as the experts, rather than ourselves.
  2. We are not seeking public recognition nor attention by awarding grants.
  3. We consider the impact that a grant is expected to make.
  4. We place a premium on being flexible and nimble.
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