Email Correspondence:

We have structured our email system to help

you communicate with us more effectively:



1.    bissell [at] bissellfoundation [dot] org   --  reserved for one-on-one and small group correspondence with Sarah Anthony, Executive Director and President.  


2.    mailbox [at] bissellfoundation [dot] org   --  reserved for announcements, newsletters, and invitations.  They will be seen and read in this mailbox while they will be deleted and unsubscribed from other mailboxes.


3.    principal [at] bissellfoundation [dot] org  --  reserved for automatic communications generated by the online grants managment engine, in fact. Your replies to those posts will become visible to Sarah Anthony who then replies in turn. However, these conversations are best moved to the bissell [at] bissellfoundation [dot] org address.   

Telephone Correspondence:

We are here for you. Please use bissell [at] bissell foundation [dot] org email address if you wish to schedule Zoom or telephone appointments with us during this important time.



Contact Us for Other Business:


J. Walton Bissell Foundation
PO Box 370067
West Hartford, CT 06137




Mr. J. Walton Bissell, ca. 1955
State St. east of Main St., PG 430, Thompson Photographs of Hartford, ca, 1903-1906, State Archives, Connecticut State Library. Published with permission.
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